Anton Kutter

Overview of the tribute to ANTON KUTTER Biberach/Riss 15-16-17 june 2018

Date June 15 at 17:00-20:00
Tour Filmmuseum and movies Anton Kutter

A tour around Anton Kutter's movie theater Traumpalast, guided by his son, Adrian Kutter. Adrian has given a lecture about his family and the film industry, and about his father as a director, together with his brother Claus and sister Floriane.
Afterwards, 2 of Anton's greatest movies :Weltraumschiff 1 started ,Großkraft De Berge

Date June 16 at Stadthalle Biberach
09:00-10:00 Reception and exhibition
10:00-10:30 Adrian Kutter: My Father as a director, and especially as an astronomer
10:30-11:15 Guy Wauters: The restoration of Kutter's telescopes
11:15-11:45 Harrie Rutten: Optical Design Kutter Telescope
11:45-12:00 Bruno Ernst (92 years) friend of Anton Kutter on film.

14:00-14:30 Barry Adcock (Australia) about my 350mm schiefspiegler and optics projects
14:30-15:15 Guntram Lampert (Austria) The Tri-Schiefspiegler. Origins of and developments from a telescope design by Anton Kutter.
15:15-16:00 Hans-Ulrich Wieland: Anton Kutters basic ideas in modern systems
16:00-16:30 Mathias Sautter: restoration of the 30cm Kuttertelescope of planetarium Laupheim
in the evening: Observatory and Planetarium Laupheim
8km from Biberach
21:00: Symposium : The story of Laupheim Planetarium

we had also the opportunity to observe through the 30cm Kutter Telescope of Mathias Sauter. And of course there was the program of the Planetrium.
Date June 17: visit ESO Visit Center GARCHING

Inviting by Adrian Kutter

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Overview by Romke Schievinck

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