Anton Kutter, a tribute:weekend 15-16-17 june 2018




Visiting the family of Anton Kutter, as we did in November 2016, isn't hardly a fitting tribute. So we decided to organise the International Kutter & ATM Days.


Anton Kutter will be the guest of honor, and we will pull all the stops: lectures, movies, cinema and exhibitions, visits to his last resting place, tours around the city of Biberach, the place he was born and so much more.

We also provide the opportunity to visit the Laupheim Planetarium (his planetarium) and theESO visiting center in Garching.

The ATM group of the Observatory Armand Pien in Ghent is restoring Anton Kutter's 30cm Schiefspiegler. A lot of work, but the restoration will be finished in December 2017.

We are also inviting owners and builders of obstruction-free telescopes to exhibit their masterpieces.

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